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FLOW's project-based learning retreats foster creative thinking, student-empowerment, and a love of learning. Small workshop sizes allow for student-driven learning and accommodate the styles and skill levels of every child.

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FLOW Learning Retreats

Participants develop vocabulary, organizational skills, and critical thinking skills to support academic growth--all while making friends and having fun! Our mission is to nurture imagination and to cultivate a relationship with reading and writing so that children can easily access knowledge and joy throughout their lives.


In this five-day retreat, young writers will learn to turn the ideas in their heads into stories on the page. Each day we'll cover a different component of fiction, and by the end of the week they'll be  writing like pros.

The first four days are for learning, discussing  and practicing craft. On the fifth day, we'll learn how to give and receive compassion based, authentic feedback, workshop each student’s story, and celebrate our success!

Monday: Figurative Language

Tuesday: Setting

Wednesday: Conflict

Thursday: Scene

Friday: Workshop

  • This retreat is recommended for students in grades 6-8.

  • Enrollment is capped at 10 so we can attend to everyone

  • Retreat location TBA. Map Link

  • Bring a pen, a notebook, and a water bottle

  • Snacks are provided

Fiction Made Fun

June dates and times TBA


Thanks for Writing with FLOW!

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Thanks for Writing with FLOW!

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